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  • Simulators are widely used in the aviation fraternity to teach pilots how to fly aeroplanes. In other countries such as the US, simulators are also employed as part of drivers’ education at schools.
  • Now  Sim U Teach has made this technology available locally, giving local learner drivers the ability to acquire basic driving skills in a safe, yet realistic environment before they head on out to the real world roads.
  • Unlike some realistic looking driving games, the Driving simulators are designed to enable learner drivers to practice and develop skills they will need when driving a real car.
  • Users also receive reports after each session, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Sim U Teach aims to not only teach learners and other potential drivers to pass their driver’s licence test, but to contribute towards improved quality of driving in South Africa by establishing the correct driving skills under all possible scenarios.
  • The latter is achieved in a relaxed, controlled and safe environment, in which learners can establish their skills through constant repetition under direct facilitation of qualified facilitators.


Our aim is to teach & learn new drivers the skills and give them the Expertise and Learn him/her on the right way of handling and driving the car.

If we want to make or change the current way of what is happening in South Africa, it needs to start at ground level with the Driving Academies & Schools.

We have a program in place to guide the new comer and assist him/her threw the right proses of becoming a competent driver.


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