Vehicle Control: I-Change Gear

In this lesson the student learns to change gears according to fixed procedures. First, a few general reminders are given:

Sim U Teach New1

  • Always change one gear up.
  • When stopped, gear down to first or second gear.
  • Always press the clutch when changing gears and just before you make a stop.
  • But never press the clutch without a good reason.

The first time the student gears up, the ‘follow my steps’ method is used: the VI tells the student what to do, and the student then performs this action. After that, the students gears up by himself, while the proper order of actions is displayed on a popup. In the same way, when the student gears down for the first time, the follow my steps method is used, followed by the ‘do by yourself’ method. The student pulls up to 2200 rpm’s and then shifts up, from first, to second, third, fourth and fifth gear.

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